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Monday, May 6


Azure Cloud Shell: The Easiest Way to Manage Azure with Command-Line Tools VOTINGMichael Greene • Aleksandar Nikolic Azure Update Management – Recent Innovations in Hybrid Update Management as a Service VOTINGMichael Greene • Thomas Maurer Build Your Azure Infrastructure like a Pro VOTINGJim Britt • Aleksandar Nikolic Building WPF GUIs in PowerShell VOTINGStephen Owen • Nathan Ziehnert Codeless Automations: Flow, Power Apps, and the Real World VOTINGRyan Ephgrave • Kyle Weeks Delivering Event Based Automation with PowerShell in Azure Functions VOTINGAleksandar Nikolic • Eamon O'Reilly Flow vs. Logic Apps - Right tool for Job VOTINGGreg Ramsey • Donnie Taylor Getting to the Core of PowerShell Core VOTINGJohn Savill • Kyle Weeks High-performance PowerShell through the Magic of Runspaces! VOTINGScott Corio • Jeff Scripter Man V. Machine – Greg and Donnie (Technical) Cage Match UAIC (Ultimate AI Championship) VOTINGGreg Ramsey • Donnie Taylor More Power! Upgrade to VS Code for PowerShell scripting VOTINGJulie Andreacola • Peter De Tender Pester VOTINGFred Bainbridge • Jeff Scripter Understanding the Automation Capabilities in Azure and How to Use These Together for End to End Delivery of IT Services VOTINGCameron Fuller • Eamon O'Reilly AMA - Come ask the Microsoft DC/Azure Management Team and MVPs Anything VOTINGCameron Fuller • Robert Hedblom CM Product Team Q&A - Drinking & Thinking VOTINGAaron Czechowski • David James Community at Home VOTINGJulie Andreacola • Shaun Cassells ConfigMgr State of the Union VOTINGAaron Czechowski • David James • Kim Oppalfens • Jason Sandys Datacenter Management State of the Union VOTINGCameron Fuller • Donnie Taylor MMS Quiz Night! VOTINGKent Agerlund • Kim Oppalfens Monitoring Beer with Log Analytics VOTINGDonnie Taylor • Scott Corio • Nathan Ziehnert Tips & Tricks Showcase VOTINGGarth Jones • Brian Mason A look into the Hybrid Cloud Lifestyle of an Azure Stack Operator – (300) VOTINGKristopher Turner • Thomas Maurer Advanced KQL Queries VOTINGCameron Fuller • Brian Wren Azure Governance and Management Panel VOTINGSteve Buchanan • Eamon O'Reilly Deploying Infrastructure as Code with Azure and Terraform VOTINGNed Bellavance • Steve Buchanan How SCOM is progressing with new versions and features! VOTINGBob Cornelissen • John Joyner How to Upgrade or Migrate SCOM Like a Champ! VOTINGBob Cornelissen • John Joyner Hybrid VM Configuration Management with Azure Management Services Deep Dive VOTINGMichael Greene • Peter Zerger The Road to Azure (AKA - Ditching All of Your On-Prem Crap) VOTINGCameron Fuller • Robert Hedblom What's new in System Center Data Center (everything but ConfigMgr & SCOM) VOTINGSam Erskine • Vithalprasad Avoid the Apocalypse with a Disaster Recovery Plan that Really Works! VOTINGRobert Hedblom • Dieter Wijckmans Azure Stack Panel Discussion – (400) VOTINGSteve Buchanan • Thomas Maurer • Ned Bellavance • Kristopher Turner • Bert Wolters Azure Stack, Not Your Dad’s Private Cloud VOTINGKristopher Turner • Bert Wolters Go from Zero to Hero using Azure Site Recovery: Surviving a Ransomware Attack VOTINGDave Kawula • Cristal Kawula Helping Giants Survive the Cloud; Azure Architecture for Enterprises VOTINGKristopher Turner • Bert Wolters Improving your on-prem and cloud security with Azure Security Center VOTINGNed Bellavance • Steve Buchanan Lets Monitor Your Environment the Azure Way. Azure Monitor You Say ? VOTINGCameron Fuller • Dieter Wijckmans Mastering Azure with Visual Studio Code VOTINGSteve Buchanan • Peter De Tender Microsoft Monitoring Story VOTINGKyle Weeks • Brian Wren Monitor Everything with Azure Monitor VOTINGBob Cornelissen • Brian Wren Pushing your Backup Strategy to the Cloud -- What to Expect and What to Gain VOTINGRobert Hedblom • John Joyner Stop Reinventing the Wheel: Integrate Log Analytics in Your Existing Procedures and Tools VOTINGFlorent Appointaire • Dieter Wijckmans Top 10 Ways to Secure an Azure Environment VOTINGNathan Lasnoski • Peter Zerger Track, Inventory and Patch VMs in Azure (Windows or Linux) without SCCM and with Zero Infrastructure VOTINGMichael Greene • Sam Erskine • Florent Appointaire Transform into a CloudOps Rock Star! VOTINGNed Bellavance • Steve Buchanan Use Azure Blueprint to have a better governance VOTINGJim Britt • Florent Appointaire • Peter De Tender Utilizing Infrastructure as Code with Azure VOTINGChristopher Mank • John Savill Automating VM Deploy & Config with Azure DevOps VOTINGPeter Zerger • Christopher Mank Git on the Bandwagon: Source Control for the Masses VOTINGChristopher Mank • Jeff Scripter Add and Deploy Win32 apps using Microsoft Intune VOTINGGarrett Chandler • Erik Reitan Everything You Need to Know to Manage Modern IT apps Using Intune VOTINGPeter Daalmans • Gerry Hampson Intune Graph API Automation with Azure Logic Apps or Flow VOTINGDavid Falkus • Timmy Andersson • Zeng Yinghua Intune GRAPH API Powershell = Success VOTINGTimmy Andersson • Zeng Yinghua Manage your Apple and Android Investments with Microsoft EMS VOTINGPeter Daalmans • Gerry Hampson Microsoft 365, the Ultimate Overview VOTINGPeter Daalmans • Gerry Hampson Reporting - Wanna Know How I Got These Scars? VOTINGJordan Benzing • Zeng Yinghua Start to Finished using Power BI with Intune Date Warehouse VOTINGGarth Jones • Erik Reitan What's New in Microsoft for Education VOTINGGarrett Chandler • Michael Niehaus Securing Mobility with Intune VOTINGJamie Silvestri Becoming a Community Rockstar VOTINGDave Kawula • Cristal Kawula Docs.microsoft.com hands-on lab VOTINGAaron Czechowski Health Check for Your Career VOTINGJulie Andreacola • Nathan Lasnoski Process for Communication VOTINGAaron Czechowski Twitter And Social Media Tools - An IT Pro's Best Friend VOTINGHarjit Dhaliwal 10 Quick Wins in Hybrid Identity VOTINGBrian Desmond • Max Fritz Deployment and Management of BitLocker in an Enterprise VOTINGCaleb Lund • Paul Wetter Detecting, Mitigating, and Preventing Credential Theft VOTINGKenny Buntinx • Max Fritz How Azure Security Center can Save Your Job VOTINGPeter Zerger • Bob Cornelissen Let’s talk about modern workplace security VOTINGKenny Buntinx • Thomas Kurth Patch Tuesday: Patching your Endpoints with ConfigMgr VOTINGJeff Bolduan • Harjit Dhaliwal Securing Privileged Access On-Premises and in the Cloud VOTINGBrian Desmond • Thomas Kurth 1E: Simplify Windows Management and go Faster VOTING 2Pint: Turbocharge Your Content Distribution with 2Pint Software VOTING Kollective: Optimize & Simplify Software Delivery for ConfigMgr VOTING Parallels: How on EARTH do I Manage This? The Challenge of Windows, Macs and MDM in the Microsoft Ecosystem. VOTING Patch My PC: 3rd-Party Patching in SCCM Simplified with Patch My PC VOTING Recast Software: BYORCT: Building Your Own Right Click Tools to Automate Everything VOTING VMWare: Transition to Zero Touch OSD and Modern Management Alongside Microsoft 365 VOTING 2x4 Building a good foundation for Reporting in SCCM VOTINGMatthew Hudson • Garth Jones AMA (Ask me anything) - HA for SQL/SCCM, SQL, TSQL or Reporting VOTINGBenjamin Reynolds • Steve Thompson SQL Performance tuning techniques for CM and more! VOTINGBenjamin Reynolds • Steve Thompson SQL Queries: Back to the Basics VOTINGMatthew Hudson • Sherry Kissinger Automate Common ConfigMgr Tasks With PowerShell! VOTINGRyan Ephgrave • Kaido Järvemets BIOS & Firmware Management Deep Dive VOTINGMaurice Daly • Jörgen Nilsson BranchCache, Deep Dive in Margarita Land for Large Enterprises - 500 level VOTINGAndreas Hammarskjöld • Mike Terrill Building a Highly Resilient Software Update/WSUS Infrastructure VOTINGBryan Dam • Daniel Ratliff Cloud Connect Your Configuration Manager Environment VOTINGHeidi Cheng • Kent Agerlund • Tim De Keukelaere CM and PowerShell - The Essentials VOTINGFred Bainbridge • Stephen Owen ConfigMgr Application Management In-Depth VOTINGKent Agerlund • Jason Sandys ConfigMgr Product Team: The Evolution of App Management VOTINGAvi Prasad • Aaron Czechowski • David James Configuration Items: One tool in the Swiss Army tool set VOTINGJeff Bolduan • Sherry Kissinger Configuration Manager - Security - Defending the Castle Part 2 VOTINGTom Degreef • Kim Oppalfens Configuration Manager Community Tools VOTINGSherry Kissinger • Jörgen Nilsson Configuration Manager Security - Defending the Castle Part 1 VOTINGTom Degreef • Kim Oppalfens Debugging with Style - ConfigMgr OSD Under The Hood VOTINGJohan Arwidmark • Adam Gross Delivery Optimization - Content Management for Modern Management VOTINGAndreas Hammarskjöld • Phil Wilcock Deploy and manage Office 365 with ConfigMgr VOTINGMatthew Teegarden • Doug Wilson Drivers, Drivers, Drivers – I “Love” Drivers!!!! VOTINGMaurice Daly • Mikael Nystrom Fully Automated Patching: Trust No One VOTINGJordan Benzing • Bryan Dam Go from Zero to Hero with Your ConfigMgr Site Recovery! VOTINGKenny Buntinx • John Marcum HA for ConfigMgr/SQL Server Update VOTINGBenjamin Reynolds • Steve Thompson Implementing Windows as a Service in the Enterprise VOTINGKaido Järvemets • Mike Marable Intune and ConfigMgr; Better Together VOTINGKenny Buntinx • John Marcum Manage ConfigMgr Internet-Based Clients with the Cloud Management Gateway VOTINGPeter Daalmans • Gerry Hampson Manage Internet-Based ConfigMgr Clients Without Complex DMZ’s and Firewalls Using CMG VOTINGJustin Chalfant • Matthew Teegarden Monitor the Beast (ConfigMgr) with Log Analytics VOTINGSam Erskine • Dieter Wijckmans MS ConfigMgr PG – Something Really Cool VOTINGKerim Hanif • Dune Desormeaux • Aaron Czechowski • David James MSIX - is it the Future of Packaging? How do I get There? VOTINGJohn Vintzel Office 365 Client Deployment VOTINGCaleb Lund • Paul Wetter OSD Basics & Troubleshooting VOTINGGary Blok • Doug Wilson Patching Tools: So many choices! VOTINGJordan Benzing • Bryan Dam Real-Time CM with CM Pivot and Scripts! VOTINGTom Degreef • Jason Sandys Reporting for the Rest of Us VOTINGAdam Gross • Doug Wilson SCCM is Innocent! Troubleshooting Software Installations VOTINGBryan Dam • Daniel Ratliff Shift to a Modern Desktop with Desktop Analytics VOTINGAlbert Cabello • Dune Desormeaux • Matthew Hudson So Long Express Updates - We'll Miss Ya! (not) But what now? VOTINGPhil Wilcock • Nathan Ziehnert Solving Windows 7 Abatement Problems Together! VOTINGJeff Bolduan • Shaun Cassells The Walking Unpatched - A Survival Strategy VOTINGJordan Benzing • Maurice Daly Using ConfigMgr to Inventory All The Things VOTINGSherry Kissinger • Daniel Ratliff Modern Deployment with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft 365 VOTINGJohn Marcum • Michael Niehaus The Windows House of mirrors: A roller coaster tour of the subsystems you use every day. VOTINGStephen Owen • Shaun Cassells • Jeff Scripter Troubleshooting Windows Autopilot and Modern Deployment VOTINGMichael Niehaus • Zeng Yinghua Windows 10 Customizations and modifications VOTINGGary Blok • Jörgen Nilsson Windows as a Service in the Enterprise 1809 Edition VOTINGGary Blok • Mike Terrill Windows Autopilot Our Way VOTINGJohan Arwidmark • Mikael Nystrom How to Deploy Windows Server - Like a True Pro VOTINGJohan Arwidmark • Mikael Nystrom Manage Windows Server using Windows Admin Center VOTINGMikael Nystrom • John Savill Windows Server 2019 - The Next Generation of Software-Defined Datacenter and Hybrid Cloud VOTINGThomas Maurer • John Savill

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